Field Trip to Heidelberg

15. November 2023

Our field trip started at 10:30 in the morning at the main station of Heidelberg. Our first destination was the “Körperwelten Museum”, which was really interesting. The KörperweltenMuseum in Heidelberg is a fascinating place where you can explore the intricate details of the human body through preserved specimens. It’s a unique and educational experience. The most captivating part of the museum had to be the unborn babies and our nervous system.

After that experience we walked to the old city of Heidelberg and that’s how I realized that Heidelberg is well-populated. We walked through the longest street in Europe and saw many little stores. We also saw a little Turkish “Mokka” stand. It reminded me of my homeland. Then at 13:00 we had a lunchbreak until 14:00. Aleyna and I went to Frittenwerk, where you can eat fries with different toppings. It was delicious, but a huge portion that I couldn’t finish.

After we ate, we got some drinks and went to meet the rest of our class. We planned on walking up to the Heidelberg castle gardens, but the majority did not want to, so we decided to only go up there with the students who wanted to, and it was a really fun but exhausting experience. I had a hard time walking up but at the end it was worth it. The view was beautiful. We took some pictures and enjoyed the view before we walked down again to meet the other students. Now that we were all together again, we visited the famous bridge in Heidelberg. Some kind man took pictures of us and told us funny things behind the camera so that we would laugh more in the pictures than we would normally.

It was already about 15:00 when our trip slowly ended. It was a really nice experience for me, and it was so much fun to see Heidelberg for the first time.

Sinem Bozkurt

On Wednesday, the 4th of October, 2023, our two final year classes had a field trip to Heidelberg, a beautiful city with a famous university. The trip began with our arrival at Heidelberg’s main station. While we waited for some of our classmates to join us, everybody talked with their friends. At about 10:30 am we took a bus to the museum. Approximately 30 minutes later, we started our tour through the “Körperwelten Museum.” It is one of a very few special museums where you can see real human body parts and organs. What I really enjoyed was the free audio guide because it made exploring much easier since everybody could do so at their own pace and listen to all the recorded topics they were interested in.

I was positively surprised that the whole exhibition, especially the audio guide, had one main topic, which was “Happiness.” There were extensive descriptions on how different feelings affect our different organs and what’s important in order to live a happy, fulfilled life.

It was truly impressive to see all those real exhibits and bodies. For example, there was a healthy lung and different lungs with diseases, so that one could learn about different diseases and see how certain diseases could look. However, there were many interactive activities too. You had the chance to measure your blood pressure or get scanned by a facial-recognition program which determined your age, gender, and emotional state. In the very end there was an illustration on the wall that explained what to do to maintain a healthy lifestyle, e.g., how much sugar to eat, how much you should sleep, and that things like obesity are very dangerous in the long run.

I learned a lot of new things that day. I never expected our blood vessels to be as thin and linked as they are, I now know exactly what our muscles look like and where they are located, I discovered how complex the human body actually is and how emotions affect our whole inner system. I’ve always been curious about things concerning the human mind and inner structure and about the way everything works together. Moreover, in my opinion this trip to the museum was a great experience and it was lots of fun exploring everything and taking pictures.

Around noon we walked through the old city, where we had our lunch break.

What I enjoyed most was the exhibition and our walk up to the castle gardens, the scenery was absolutely fantastic. Yet I was a little confused that the majority of us refused to visit the castle, and just weren’t able to stick to simple rules, like being punctual. I couldn’t really understand this behavior and found it a little disrespectful. Nevertheless, this was the only situation of the day I kind of disliked.

In the end I’m glad I had the chance to visit the museum and spend some time apart from school as we had some nice small talk too.

-Gina Appenzeller