5. Oktober: Welttag der Lehrerin und des Lehrers

5. Oktober 2022

Den 5. Oktober hat die UNESCO 1994 zum Welttag der Lehrerin und des Lehrers ausgerufen. Er erinnert an die ILO/UNESCO-Empfehlung über die Stellung der Lehrer (1966) und die bedeutende Rolle der Lehrer für qualitativ hochwertige Bildung. Ziel des Welttags ist es, auf die verantwortungsvolle Aufgabe von Lehrern aufmerksam zu machen und das Ansehen der Lehrer weltweit zu steigern.

World Teachers’ Day is held annually on 5 October to celebrate all teachers around the globe.  It commemorates the anniversary of the adoption of the 1966 ILO/UNESCO Recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers, which sets benchmarks regarding the rights and responsibilities of teachers, and standards for their initial preparation and further education, recruitment, employment, and teaching and learning conditions. The Recommendation concerning the Status of Higher-Education Teaching Personnel was adopted in 1997 to complement the 1966 Recommendation by covering teaching personnel in higher education. World Teachers’ Day has been celebrated since 1994.

It is a day to celebrate how teachers are transforming education but also to reflect on the support they need to fully deploy their talent and vocation, and to rethink the way ahead for the profession globally

World Teachers’ Day is co-convened in partnership with the International Labour Organization (ILO), UNICEF and Education International (EI).